Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So when I came to a crossroad in life in August, I decided that I needed to finish my education. I started at ASU on January 19th. It is kind of odd being there and I have to remind myself that I am like ten years older than most of these kids. I am feeling like I am young again. I guess since I had to grow old in my twenties, because of the experiences that life threw at me, that I get to experience youth in my thirties. Yay! I think the biggest adjustment is that I realized that I am not "needed" as much as I used to be. EVERYONE depended on me to do everything for them. Jeremy, Melodee, Kenz, the they are way more independent than they used to be. They are more stable and aren't leaching on me all the freakin time. Karl doesn't need me to do everything for him. He is quite healthy and capable of sustaining life with out me. It leaves me with all this time to focus on my school work.......strange how that works out. At least I still need me.