Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a few details.

Here are a few details about our super fast wedding. We were originally going to get married in September. A few things changed, obviously. So we were going to elope somewhere in AZ, but I really thought Vegas sounded like a fun time. Anyway, it sort of happened so fast. I was on my way to Cottonwood to pick up David and I got a phone call from my sister in law, Laurie. She was asking if she could come to my wedding and I was so dang excited that she would drive down from SLC to be there. She brought my two neices, Bridgette and Maise. Laurie was our witness and that is why the picture is posted.

After I got off the phone with Laurie, my phone died. I didn't get all the texts and voice mails until later that night, after I was married. We were going to get dressed up, but ran out of time. So that is why we look like we traveled all day instead of nice and fresh and ready to get married. We got married about 11:00 pm. In the first picture, we are at the court house getting a license. The couple in the background were at the same wedding chapel as us too. Laurie was there witness too. She made the night so fun. After that all five of us went back to the hotel we were staying at, Luxor, and finally ate dinner. We were oddly entertained by these dancing men in a cage. I could totally dance better than there chest bumping action....Actually Laurie had their dances down pat.
The next morning all five of us went to the M&M factory and the Coke store. We got a few things for the kids and of course matching Coke shirts. What else would we drink?