Thursday, April 22, 2010

tough cosmos

After a suggestion from my cousin, Aaron, and encouragement from my family, I started going to ARP meetings. It has brought alot of peace to my life and has also opened my eyes to other things. I thought image was everything, but now I am like who the hell cares? Personally, Cosmo I have something to say to you and your magazines...I love my breast size the way it is. I don't care that I am only a 34B padded push up bra, I think I look really cute in my shirts with my little bumps. Why do I NEED to increase it a size or two. So what if I have to purchase my bikini tops in the little girl section and my bikini bottoms in the super large! I think I look sexy. Never looked better. I don't want to kill my self to be the size 2 that you tell me to be. I'm quite happy with my medium size. Get over it Woman's World! I like being a pear shape....pears are succulent and delicious. Who wouldn't want to be one?

On a side note, Do I really need you to tell me 30 things I can do with a naked man? I mean come on? How hard is that to figure out. And honestly, how do you know what sex positions I have and haven't tried?

.........I still have a long way to go to be in recovery, but I am progressing. Relying on the Lord is the key to recovery, but isn't that the true key to life?