Thursday, August 18, 2011


I started back at ASU today. It is my last semester before graduation with my BS in Nutrition....insert joke here.... My program moved all the classes from my cozy relaxed Polytechnic campus to downtown Phoenix campus for my last semester...How nice of them. So instead of my 20 minute commute past the dairy farm, I have a hour and a half commute which includes the light rail. I survived the crowded light rail train today four times. Twice at lunch time to go have a romantic lunch with my sweetie Karl at Wendy's. I have to admit, the crowded light rail train is more tolerable than the crowded freeway traffic. Many of my fellow classmates have found the same solution to their commuting problem, so I am not alone. I am stuffed in the train with many ASU students, and several of them nutrition students.

One question is weighing heavily on my mind tonight, How many days til December 15th?

Monday, February 28, 2011


I am feeling really good today. The end is in sight. I register for my final semester next Monday. When I say end....It isn't the end, just the end of my BS. I plan on getting a Master's too. But the fact that I am going to accomplish the goal that I set out to do. I rarely accomplish goals in my life. I haven't had many goals and I am going to accomplish one is a big deal to me. It really makes me feel worth something again.

When I decided to go back to school, I said, " I am going to do this in two years". I didn't really know what all that entailed. Well I only had 57 credits at the time and I needed 75 more. So last year I completed 40 which meant a very very busy summer and this year by December I will have completed 35. Only one summer class this year, unlike three last year. Any way, I feel like I have something to brag about for myself and that feels good.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day

So it is Wednesday again....I have taken two exams now and I don't feel much better about the semester except that it is four weeks down and only four more weeks 5 exams, one lab, and one presentation before Spring Break. But who is counting. My head hurts beyond belief. Am I really such a massicist that I would self inflict this torture on myself? I paid for this? What was I thinking? I will thank myself in the fall when I only have 12 credits and then I graduate. but the fall is forever away....Well, I might as well enjoy the hell. If you wonder where I have been I am trapped in homework hell. Just kidding. I think that is where my kids think I am. poor babies.
Time for class again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Wednesday

I am sitting here waiting for class to start and I saw I had a message from my sweet friend Christa. She amazes me! She is so positive even though she has been through so much crap. I have never heard her say a mean thing about anyone in my whole life and I have known her for many years. Even when she was upset at her parents she never said anything unkind about them. I am just really glad I got that message today. It made me smile and tear up here in this hallway. I have been so negative about myself lately and thinking about Christa made me realize a few things.

It's Wednesday 2-2-11. Its my mom's 62nd birthday. I remember posting about her 60th birthday. That was a fun dinner at Landmark. She doesn't dye her hair anymore. I am not sure why she stopped but she did. It upsets Cameron, but she still looks good. My mom makes gray look good. I hope I can be just as sexy when I am 62.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been awhile....

I am super busy right now... I am taking way too many credits but that's so I don't have to in the fall for my last semester. I have a total of 19 credits and that is 7 classes and a weekly lab for biochemistry. I am really enjoying it after the first week, just super busy.

My baby miss Mel, made the basketball team and has her first game tomorrow. My twins are signed up for basketball starting in March. So I have sufficiently controlled my children's brains into playing a sport that I enjoy watching. My baby will forever be a dancing sports for her...fine by me.

I am feeling better about myself. It is still a daily struggle to see myself in a positive light, but hopefully someday soon it won't be so difficult.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the pot calling the kettle.....

So I see this lady in my neighborhood walking ALL DAY LONG!!! No water or liquids with her. Especially in the summer. She is a stick. I "lovingly" call her anorexic lady. I have often wondered if she eats anything, since her bones stick out all over her body. (That's why she is a stick.) My question was answered this morning at the bus stop when she was smoking a cigarette and drinking a 24oz sugar free Rock Star. My heart fell and I thought, poor lady. She has serious problems. On the way home, I realized....Uh, so the bulimic lady is telling the anorexic lady that she has problems? WOW......

Speaking of problems, I suffer from panic anxiety disorder. Poor Karl, I freak out every time he leaves the house. I swear he isn't going to come back. I go into such a panic that I have to binge and purge. So my psychiatrist put a name on it, now lets work on the issue. Im so impatient. My dad has the patience of Job. I have the patience of like a minute. My father apparently was so patient, that he forgot to include patience in my DNA.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I do not have too much time on my hands anymore. I am super busy and super retarded. I apologize if you have asked me to do something and I have forgotten. I feel so scatterbrained. At least this time, I haven't forgotten to pick up a child from school....poor mel.