Thursday, May 13, 2010

too much time

This is what happens when I have a break in school....I think everyone should have a break and go and pull my daughter of school and take her shopping for new clothes. She is so much more fun to dress than I am. I think if I buy another anything for Kenz, the other three will revolt and Kenz will officially become the snobbiest diva on the continent. So I had to get my hair done, of course and then went and "rescued" Mel from the depths of boredom in her fifth hour and we hit the mall. What a wise use of her cell phone.........text from Mel at 1210pm this afternoon: 5th hour is starting all we r doin is read SOS hurry and save me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I apologize that I have only been posting about school lately. But it is all that is on my mind these days. Semester is over and I ended with 4 A's and one B. Not too shabby after all these years, I would say.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Im trying to study for my org chem final and I am at a loss.......Why does it have to be comprehensive? I knew a lot of this stuff, but I can't remember all the freakin rules anymore....AHHHH I just needed to vent a little before I exploded with frustration.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

two and a half finals to go

Only two and a half finals to go and I have finished my first semester at ASU!!! YAY!!! ( one of my finals is two parts and they are both online, I did the first part, so that's where the half comes from) I'm pretty excited for myself. I really didn't know that I had it in me to do the kinds of things that I did. I get a three week break and then start back on June 1st with summer school.

CONGRATULATIONS to my brothers Nate, Sam, and Jake for putting in the time this semester too! Nate is finally finished with his residency and moving to Arizona for a job. Sam is graduating law school in a couple weeks and then moving to South Bend for a job. And Jake is finishing his semester at ASU with me. He graduates in December. (Becca, come to school with me. Jason, get your butt home and in college so I won't be the only student in the family.) As it is right now, I will graduate in Fall 2011.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


We went hiking up the Superstition mountain today. We made it about half way up with the three younger kids. Mel went on a camp hike with the YW instead. Cameron talked the entire time up and back. Brandon made friends with every lizard and other hikers on the trail. Cameron told everyone he was so glad that he wore his hat because it was keeping him dark.