Tuesday, March 31, 2009

not much

So life has calmed down a bit. Not much else to say.

I watched the Biggest Loser tonight and I realized that I need to become a Biggest Loser again. I kind of plateaued on my weight loss. I just have those last pesky ten pounds to go to be at my goal. But hey, I will get there.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vegas Baby!

So by now I am sure that almost everyone has heard that David and I eloped in Vegas on Sunday, March 22. I know a few people in my family were so angry and treated us like we werent humans with feelings too. But so many others have been so excited for us and so accepting. I am so grateful for these welcoming arms. David didn't tell his family until after it happened and they just opened their arms to me and said, "Welcome to the family!" You can't get much better than that. Of course we know that there will be problems and of course we know that it won't be easy. But, unlike has been said before, David does have alot to offer our family. He already has. We feel complete. We gained two more kids into our mix. We are so happy. I love you David King! Here are a few pictures from our Vegas wedding! I have always thought it was terribly romantic to elope in Vegas. And so this was my idea....We had an awesome time and hope to go back soon and spend a little more time there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break


Right back at you!

AWWW....We love to torment our sister!

Take my picture Mommy!!!

We went to Harkins and saw Race to Witch Mountain.....definately a little boy's movie. Kenzee was totally disinterested. She wanted a princess.

Melodee went on a cruise with the Bowles' family for Spring Break. So the other three felt really jipped that they didn't get to go, and I wanted to go see David, so we got a hotel room for the week and went back up to Cottonwood.....darn. We had a good time. But all the fun comes at a price...too much eating out and missing my daily workout routine has done a wonder on my body. I guess it's back to dieting and killing myself at the gym.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today for our weekly family fun day we went up to Cottonwood to visit my boyfriend, David King, and his family. We had so much fun together. David's two children were there too so we were kind of like the Brady Bunch with three boys and three girls. But it was still a really fun day! Kenzee seems to always have an immediate bond with the grandpas. This is David's dad, Jim, holding Kenz while she talked his ear off about some toy she was holding.

Me and David

Jim has a horse named Harley. He was kind enough to take me and the kids to ride it and groom it. Melodee and Cameron didn't want to leave the Wii, so it was just Brandon and McKenzee and me that got to ride the horse.

So cute! Kenzee was too scared to even get on the horse until I did it first.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just for fun

I know I have been a bit of a downer lately. I am actually feeling better. Listening to Bon Jovi has that effect on me. So it is Saturday and every Saturday I try to do something fun with the kids so that they can still have happy family memories right now. Hopefully they are good memories and not just them fighting and me yelling at them to knock it off and be nice to each other......Today we went the zoo again with my friend Heidi....Love ya Heidi you are a life saver......This time I took all of the kidz unlike last time when I only took two. It was really a pleasant experience. Next time, I think Brandon and Cameron will actually listen to me when I tell them to wear socks with their shoes or they will get blisters....because they got blisters....HA I do know a thing or two....It was really funny when we were looking at the wild dogs and then they did get a little too wild. After all it is spring. I burst out laughing and told the kids it was time to move on and the guy next to me says,"I thought this was a G rated experience" Apparantly not in the spring.......

After the zoo, we went to 'old" McDonalds for lunch. I don't know why kids like that place so much. The food is pretty much nasty.....but hey, the kids played together and were happy for a whole HOUR!!!! and that is definately worth some nasty food.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is my favorite place on earth.....Heber Chevron/Dairy Queen. Odd I know, but I have a million happy memories here. I ran into Boyd today and it was so good to talk to him.....I woke up this morning and I could not bare the depression that I felt. So I took a drive up to my most peaceful place...Heber. I miss Jill so much I just had to go see her. It was so awesome to talk to her. I did miss my sister's baby blessing and I am so sorry about that. I am so sorry to everyone right now...I just cannot function and I know I have hurt many people because of it. Mostly my children and my close family. On the way home, I discovered that driving 80mph and screaming Vindicated at the top of my lungs is very theraputic.
Of course I had to visit Jeremy, even if I am still angry at him. The mug is still there and the snow finally melted........I told Tiff I was going to the cemetery and she said, Tell Jeremy I said Hi.....what the heck tiff? BTW, he said Hi back...........
This pretty much sums up my internal anguish of the day.