Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break


Right back at you!

AWWW....We love to torment our sister!

Take my picture Mommy!!!

We went to Harkins and saw Race to Witch Mountain.....definately a little boy's movie. Kenzee was totally disinterested. She wanted a princess.

Melodee went on a cruise with the Bowles' family for Spring Break. So the other three felt really jipped that they didn't get to go, and I wanted to go see David, so we got a hotel room for the week and went back up to Cottonwood.....darn. We had a good time. But all the fun comes at a price...too much eating out and missing my daily workout routine has done a wonder on my body. I guess it's back to dieting and killing myself at the gym.


Anonymous said...

You must love him, to put up with his kids

Nikki said...

Kenzee looks so grown up and adorable! Glad you had fun!

Ann said...

What did I do that caused you to delete yourself as a friend on face book? I care enough that I've sent a friend request to DavidSara, but if you don't want to accept it, have the courage to let me know and not just do a disappearing act. If you wanted to create a new identity reflecting your current "status", the better way would have been to let you family and friends know. That was rude Sara.