Thursday, May 13, 2010

too much time

This is what happens when I have a break in school....I think everyone should have a break and go and pull my daughter of school and take her shopping for new clothes. She is so much more fun to dress than I am. I think if I buy another anything for Kenz, the other three will revolt and Kenz will officially become the snobbiest diva on the continent. So I had to get my hair done, of course and then went and "rescued" Mel from the depths of boredom in her fifth hour and we hit the mall. What a wise use of her cell phone.........text from Mel at 1210pm this afternoon: 5th hour is starting all we r doin is read SOS hurry and save me.


Ryan said...

it looks like you have a lot of fun with the kiddos. I love that Melody texted you at school and you went and saved her. How cute is that?!
I am very proud of you and your grades.... I am not so sure I would do very good after so much time off.
p.s. we move to the Valley this thursday!!! We will have to do dinner. Laurel was our Realtor so maybe she can come as well. Just like old times! he he

Christa Johnson said...

O.K. so that wasn't my brother Ryan, that was me that just commented. I guess this computer was signed in for him. Whoops!!! Tell your husband it isn't a secret admirerer! he he

MegRich said...

Ha ha. Way to go Sara! Mels is so funny- love her text!