Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been awhile....

I am super busy right now... I am taking way too many credits but that's so I don't have to in the fall for my last semester. I have a total of 19 credits and that is 7 classes and a weekly lab for biochemistry. I am really enjoying it after the first week, just super busy.

My baby miss Mel, made the basketball team and has her first game tomorrow. My twins are signed up for basketball starting in March. So I have sufficiently controlled my children's brains into playing a sport that I enjoy watching. My baby will forever be a dancing sports for her...fine by me.

I am feeling better about myself. It is still a daily struggle to see myself in a positive light, but hopefully someday soon it won't be so difficult.


MegRich said...

Text me to remind me next time Mel has a game- we want to come watch her play and cheer her on. 19 credits! You're an animal! And you can totally do it! I'm glad you're feeling better about yourself. I'm sorry it's a struggle for you. You've got lots of people that love you Sara. Including me! Good luck with school. P.s.- Ty is still loving his cars backpack and gets excited to pack toys in it when we go places. And don't get me started on the golf set- he'd sleep with it if I'd let him! You're a fun aunt!

sarabowles said...

Tyler is the cutest!!!! All the Hermanns agree that he is so fun!

Christa Johnson said...

Sara, you are a scholarly maniac!!!!! I remember doing 19 credits, before life was crazy and I was single, etc. and it was hard even then, so kudos for you!!!!
I think of you allllll the time and we really have to get together sometime. I don't get to do much stuff cuz I am constantly grounded to the couch per the doctors orders. I just got my reconstruction done on my chest and they messed up the left side so here I sit on the couch with a drain coming out of my side. Fun stuff.
I have lost 6 pounds and I am trying to see myself in a positive light too. It's hard when you have a Napoleon Dynamite afro and you weigh a gazillion pounds. wahoo!!!
Well, I love you and would love to see you ANYTIME!!