Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day

So it is Wednesday again....I have taken two exams now and I don't feel much better about the semester except that it is four weeks down and only four more weeks 5 exams, one lab, and one presentation before Spring Break. But who is counting. My head hurts beyond belief. Am I really such a massicist that I would self inflict this torture on myself? I paid for this? What was I thinking? I will thank myself in the fall when I only have 12 credits and then I graduate. but the fall is forever away....Well, I might as well enjoy the hell. If you wonder where I have been I am trapped in homework hell. Just kidding. I think that is where my kids think I am. poor babies.
Time for class again.


MegRich said...

You're amazing Sara! You can do it! And just think how nice it will be when your online class is finished!

Sara said...

Thanks you are amazing too Meg! I loved seeing you and sharing date night!

Becca said...

This too shall pass. At least that is what I chant to myself when I am about to explode.