Sunday, May 10, 2009


So I just need to vent again on this Mother's Day. It was a good day. My kids were super sweet with their cards and hugs. I loved them! Cameron even wrote a card in Spanish. How cute......I just have been feeling again. The numbness has wore off. I have been being really short fused with everyone I know. It hasn't been fair. I haven't been being fair to anyone.


Sara and David said...

You are making amazing progress! i LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Ho Ching Happenings said...

Glad to hear your feeling better. Would love to talk more. Check out my blog I actually updated it. Love you, Amy

Nikki said...

I love you Sara. Everyone understands and if it makes you feel better I will be there to see you in person in less than 2 weeks!!