Friday, June 5, 2009


I cannot make up my mind....obviously. So we moved back to Heber on Saturday May 30. I am back at A1 Glass. David is looking for a job. Melodee is back in summer music at Capps. The boys are going to go back to Mountain Meadows in August for 2nd grade. (I can't believe they are that old) And Kenz is back to being the spoiled baby. We are not living in the same house as before. We are renting a different place over on the other side of the boys school. It is so nice to be in our own place again. It feels like we are a family again. We are still having emotional issues, pretty much ALL of us, but we are working through them. It is easier to remember who you were, when you are surrounded by reminders.

Today started out being boring....until Jill showed up at my work and we got our diet sodas together. JILL I am so glad you are back from CA!!!! (even if you aren't) You made my day!


Ann said...


I always love hearing from you. So many good wishes are sent your way and prayers said in your behalf. Take care of today's business -- including all the issues -- so the tomorrows can take care of themselves. Give yourself, and your children, time to heal. Love ya lots!

fishingvswife said...

I missed you and am glad you are back. I just want you to be happy. Girls night out rules:) Remember, I am always here for you.