Thursday, August 18, 2011


I started back at ASU today. It is my last semester before graduation with my BS in Nutrition....insert joke here.... My program moved all the classes from my cozy relaxed Polytechnic campus to downtown Phoenix campus for my last semester...How nice of them. So instead of my 20 minute commute past the dairy farm, I have a hour and a half commute which includes the light rail. I survived the crowded light rail train today four times. Twice at lunch time to go have a romantic lunch with my sweetie Karl at Wendy's. I have to admit, the crowded light rail train is more tolerable than the crowded freeway traffic. Many of my fellow classmates have found the same solution to their commuting problem, so I am not alone. I am stuffed in the train with many ASU students, and several of them nutrition students.

One question is weighing heavily on my mind tonight, How many days til December 15th?