Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing better. I am okay with my new life. Jeremy was my life for almost twelve years. That isn't the easiest thing to wake up one morning and he is gone and my life changed forever. However, I did know it was coming. It was obvious that he was not going to make it much longer. I had been preparing my self for an early end of the marriage ever since I found out that he had Crohn's disease. You know we always preach preparedness. You can never fully prepare for the death of a loved one. I am okay with my new life. It is what it is. I could never get to where I am without my family and dear friends. I love going to the gym every morning. Two months ago I swore off excercise. I like it again. I love talking with my friends there. i am trying to get my mom to go now too. It would be good for her health too.

Jill I miss you!!! You are so awesome! I needed you and you were there for me. I hope you had just as much fun together as i did. I am so greatful to be close with Heidi again too. Joyce I love that we have always been able to be work out buddies. I would be lost with out my lifelong best friend my sister Rebecca. I am so greatful for Leah checking on me everyday even out of state. I miss you here. What is the deal? I show up and everyone leaves. .....I am so greatful to have my mom home again. Life is normal again. We can never express enough thanks to our moms. Nate calls me on his way home from work just to chat. I love you ALL!!! Thank you so much for being in my life!