Monday, July 13, 2009


First of all, I went camping once when I was four or five. I don't remember it at all. That was the only time my family went camping as a kid. We never went again because it was a horrible experience. I didn't go to girls camp. I am not a roughing it kind of person. I live in Heber/Overgaard. Life is camping to me. So.......My boys birthday was Saturday, July 11. For their birthday last year, we took their cake and few presents down to the hospital and spent it with their dad in his hospital bed. Grandpa Jim wanted to make this a better birthday for those boys. HE DID! They won't ever forget it.

Friday, Jim came and picked the kids up at about 11:30. David waited for me to get off of work and we drove up together. It rained Friday night so we all slept in the fifth wheel. Early the next morning, Jim took the twins fishing at Reservation Lake. Mel and I went for a jog around the woods. We got back and got ready and went to look for the boys. We drove around for over an hour looking for them. Of course there was no service for our cell phones so we never found them and went back to the trailer. They showed up about an hour later and said they went to a different lake. Cameron was whining because he didn't catch any fish, but Brandon caught one. They ate it for dinner that night. David wasn't feeling good and I didn't sleep a wink the night before, so we took Kenz and Camme home. Mel and Brandon stayed with Grandpa and they slept Saturday night in a tent. Camme was worried about bears so he wanted to leave. Grandpa and Brandon didn't get attacked by a bear, just an elk. Brandon caught a total of three fish. So we know who will save us from starvation.

They want to go again. Thank you Grandpa Jim!!!


Ann said...

So, would you say this was a better experience? Or just a different one?

We used to tent camp quite a bit when our three youngest were pre-school age. Didn't go to real remote places, so it was okay. I think we even enjoyed it. Except packing up and unpacking was SOOOOOO MUCH WORK! And mountains of laundry to do when you got home.(Every thing you took had to be washed. Worn or not, everything smelled like campfire smoke.

We even took Brent camping once post Reyes. (It was a ward overnighter and Ed was Bishop, did I have another choice? I don;t think so!) He slept like a baby and was A-OK with the experience. It was significantly harder to care for his diapering needs in a tent. And my back would have protested mightly if we had done it more than one night.

These days, I wouldn't want to go without a trailer. My body is too achy without sleeping on the ground.

I do like being in the natural setting, but bugs are a big draw back for me.

sarabowles said...

I HATE BUGS!!!! It was an okay experience. I dont' think I would do it again anytime soon.