Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This weekend is obviously Valentines Day. The kids and I are going to go up to Heber to celebrate their long weekend. When I promised them that we would go up there that weekend, I didnt' realize that it was Valentines day. After watching the couple on the news kiss and kiss and kiss and repeat the kissing for the news story that kissing is good for your health, I am really wanting to have a good kiss. Dang it, I guess the only kisses I will get that day will be sweet ones from my kids. It could be worse, I am sure. Unfortunately, no health boosting kisses for me this weekend. If anyone else gets some life boosting kisses please write about it to me in explicit detail. Omit nothing!!!!

Also, after seeing New in Town last weekend, I could really fall in love with a Harry Connick Jr. too~