Sunday, February 15, 2009


So this weekend was really fun. I didn't have any high expectations for valentines day, but it turned out to be totally fun. We came up to Heber Friday night so that the kids could go to Show Low Pool. They crack me up so bad. We live in the valley of endless swimming pools and they are begging me every day to take them up to Show Low pool. It was so fun and I wish I would have taken pictures but I was distracted because I was texting most of the night. Tiffani and her five boys came with us. It was kind of insane with two adults and ten kids. Tiff's five and my four and Mel brought a friend.

The best part though was when we were leaving. Tiff has four little boys under six, I have Brandon and Cameron who are six. They are too young to go in the mens dressing room alone. So we walked into the womens dressing room like we have everytime we go there, which is like a bizillion. This raunchy lady is in there, she doesn't say anything to me, but looks straight at Tiff and says, "Those boys are way too old to be in here with adult women!" Tiff says right back to her, "These boys are way to YOUNG to go in the mens room alone!" They fought back and forth until the lady finally went in the restroom stall to finish changing. Now, My boys look at least eight years old even though they arent. Tiff's boys look young. What the heck was her problem? They lady was waiting for us in the lobby and went at it with the check in girl and Tiff again. Way to go Tiff!!! You stick to your guns!!! You are awesome!

So then for Valentine's Day I was just going to stay and watch the kids, but Tiff insisted that I go out with her and Ross. She had tried to get me a date, but it didn't work out. So, Ross was the stuff with his two dates. He thought he was the luckiest guy with two women, until a guy at a different table shows up with three women. At the restaurant there were all these people staring. But we had a great laugh about it and it turned out to be better than expected. Thanks you guys!


Ann said...

Sadly, boys too big to be in the ladies dressing area, can still be waaaaaay too young to be in the men's all alone. Sometimes, you just admit it isn't a perfect world and BUCK UP! Going into a stall was a perfect solution. What I like, are places that have "family" facilities. A whole family can go into one are/rest room. But I've only seen these in newer facilities.