Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If my kids ever read this they would be saying,"Mooommmm!! You said the S word". Brandon actually said to me today, "Mom, Cameron said the S word to me." I about did the S word in my pants so I asked him, "What's the S word?" Brandon said "He called me stupid." Ahhhh not the S word I was thinking. Good they are still young and innocent.

We all do stupid things in our lives. I don't think any one of us is exempt from the forces of the stupid bug. I seem to be catching the stupid virus lately. It seems I can't do anything that I don't regret doing about ten seconds later. Jeremy used to do enough stupid things for about an army of people, so I always felt like I was the one who had it together. NOT ANYMORE!!! I laid in bed last night trying with all the strength I could muster to turn back time just one day. It didn't work. When I finally fell asleep around 4:30 I prayed that when I woke up in two hours it would be Tuesday again. I think we all know that that prayer was not answered since unfortunately, Wednesday came. I think for everyone's sake, I should just move to Antartica and freeze to death with the penguins. If stupid is as stupid does, than I must be the stupidest person on the planet. Thanks for that confidence booster, Forest Gump! What did his momma know anyway?

What is also upsetting is that I was so busy making an ass out of myself this month that I didn't get to celebrate a huge milestone in my adult life. Don't read any further if you don't care.......So I watch the biggest loser religiously and I have since season 2 when my sexy man Matt won...but they talk about how many years it has been since they weighed less than 200 lbs or 300lbs and I celebrate for them. So here is my celebration: It has been 12 years since I weighed what I do now.....No way am I going to post my weight but lets just say I weigh as much now as I did in high school. I don't look exactly the same since gravity does take its toll and two c sections, stretch marks, hysterectomy, and gall bladder removed. but who the heck cares? I look awesome in my clothes. No one sees me naked anymore anyway.

I don't know why my blog won't let anyone post comments. I have heard that it won't from everyone. I am sorry because I would love to read all the comments that you have. I tried to fix it, but I am not seeing where the problem is. So anyone please email me your comments to I just want to know that I still have friends.